Thursday, December 22, 2011


Almost christmas,
Even I am Buddhist but Christmas has something special to me too.

It's really cold at night right now.
Mr.Bear bought me two pairs of new sock.
They are grey and red,and I don't know why I tell you girls this,Ha Ha

New masking tapes.
I have so many and now I don't know where to keep them :-(
Do you have any good idea?

Will dream about a sunny day and wish
I will smile a lot tomorrow,Good night girls.


lina said...

pretty pretty masking tape! i love masking tape...i just keep mine in a little basket. i don't have a better place for them!
hope you are well keetee!

Sa-Buy-R-Rom by NUT said...

I love to see ur Masking tape collection naka K'Hung ^_^