Sunday, September 4, 2011


Can't believe that my life can be this busy!
Last few weeks I still have time to drew some
pictures for my sweet friend ( you like it?)
but today( and last week)all I want to do is lay still
and do nothing!!!

Anyway,My dearest friend waitting for my e-mail
and some of them love to hear from me by postcards
so I think I should update some here too.

Wish you girls have better slow life,
I cannot have any fast food lately
because it will remind me of my fast life!!!

Have a trip next week,busy week again?
NOOOOOO!!! I need to get out of this circle!!!
:-) ,just laugh to all works I have to do,ok?

1 comment:

Little and Big said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA....I'm here to help you laugh because life here is also hectic!!!!

wish everything will be better soon. Let's pray together. As aa big fan of you, I love every single piece of your work, no matter I'm the one who got it not : D