Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Cannot believe that time could fly this fast!

I came home since Sunday but works and errands
waitting for me instead of long rest so I have to
stick to what I have to,
Anyway,How are you?

My lovely friend will open a small shop
at " Artist Market" on early next month so
I try to help her as much as I can,also I am thinking
about what I can make to sell there too....

Do you have any idea? I am thinking about a fabric tote,
polka dot fabric with my drawing on it..ummm..I have sketched
them and they look great on paper,will make a block and
buy some fabric in next few days.

From the trip,I bought new toys to fill in my shop.
These cute alphabet with animal character plastic toys
make my heart skip a beat when I first saw them,Ha Ha

Will back online often as normal soon.
miss you girls!

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