Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bunny ring

The beginning of this week,without any notice,
I have forgotten my mobile phone at the restroom!!

A girl around my shop recognised that the phone is mine
so she has returned it to me :-)
I really do want to gave her something but she don't want any
so I went to her shop and bought this super lovely ring from her.

What a nice beginning,right?
I have my telephone back and I have a very lovely ring.
( It's the last one too,no one can fit it but I can!!!)

Anyway,We decide to close one of our shop(Pattern Parade)
as my sister is sick and her sickness has effected to all of us,
another shop will be our burden more than fortune
so we have to close them as soon as we can find someone
to rent the room from us :-(

I still feel tried but my sister feel a lot better last 3 days
so I am very really happy and relief!,She is not just my sister
but also my best friend,that why her sickness is tough for me.

Girls,Let's help me wish that she feel better tomorrow.

1 comment:

Katyha said...

eek! what a cute ring, it is so adorable