Sunday, August 21, 2011

vintage paper

I went to used book store yesterday
and bought some of ruin book but have
really nice paper,I think the paper from this book
can make a realy great envelopes.

Today,I spend all day making envelopes.

While I am working on the envelopes,sometime
I cannot help myself to read from the paper too.
Actually,I think it's a nice story!!!
(Romantic story,I think)but too many pages missing
and some page has big stain from dust and water
so I cannot finish the story ( HA HA)

Anyway,They turn out to be really really cute envelopes.
I will take pictures of them and create listing
on my shop soon!!!


lina said...

i am so behind in reading your posts! but this is such a cute idea. i've considered making envelopes from old books too. i've made them from old calendars & maps, but not books : )
but it is so neat that you were kind of reading the story too! makes it kind of magical because there is almost a secret message tucked in with the envelope!

keetee said...

Thanks Lina,Making envelopes is like meditation for me :-)
I love to see your envelopes too because I love maps envelope!!!