Tuesday, November 16, 2010


When I was very young girl.I was alway have morning walk with my grandmother.

We were very close,I mean...I spend most of my childhood with her.

Then I got chicken pox,It's real itchy and I were want to scratched evey part of my body(you know what I mean!) My grandmother didn't use any balm to help
but she told me while we have morning walk to look around on our path to find
this little herb.I don't what it's called but it's really look like weed(for me) all I have to do
and seperate it from others weed by look underneath its leaf to find....this small spot under it.

When we have enough(quite a lot),my grandmother will boil it until she got a big (ugly) green
pot of this herb water.She was mixed it with cool water in the tub.

Ok!Now the tub will full with ugly green (and smell not so good,trust me) warm water.
What I did next is take a long bath in the tub! You know what?all itching gone!
It's very rare to find this little herb now.

This morning I see this herb outside my house and I miss her so much!

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