Tuesday, October 26, 2010

shape and scent

Ichi have new neighbor
It's a candle shop! (called "FLOW")I really want to buy everything they have but I have
to save my pocket for my trip next month :-(
so I bought this three little bunny candle from them.(I have to!!)
I don't think I gonna lit them,I mean,how could I?

They are too cute.

Outside,the sign of rain is coming....Winter might coming soon.
I hate winter because my sinus would give me so much pian
( and I am sure that I have to take so much medicine,I hate it)
BUT!how could I resist the cozy of hand knit sock,warm sweater and hot drink!
Tons of pillow and blanket.
Winter is the season of Love and Handmade..I mean.....I want to stay inside
avoid the cold wind and working on handmade project in my head.

For the sunny country where we alway have too much sun shine like Thailand,
I wish we have cold winter this year^^

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Anna Emilia said...

Those make me happy too.

Thank you for visiting my small weather diary!

Stay warm this Thursday!