Monday, October 4, 2010

A project for Kit-bit-s

We have too much scraps of fabrics from Kit-bit-s.
So,when I have time I always thinking what I can do with these fabrics!

Here is my new project^^ I think,I will make a mini bag keychain? It's nice size for my back up battery(for my camera),or maybe SD card?

I just thinking that it has a nice cute size and maybe it can be a lovely keychain.
I will make more and sell at kit-bit-s^^


aenoi said...

it can be used as a lovely small jewelry case na!
everytime i visit your blog, all i can say is "cute!!!!"

spare me one if you can produce more na ja. Love to have it for my tiny jewelry. ^^

chaey said...

ช่วงนี้คุณอุ๋มก็ทำงานฝีมือ เอาเสื้อคอกระเช้ามาปักใส่เองเหมือนกัน เพลินดีแท้....