Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have to agree a little bit with Mr.Bear that this lovely Kewpie dolls around my house are a little creepy(ha ha) but I love them so much.I have first pair of them on my wedding day as a gift from my Japanese friend(they wear Japanese costume.They are too adorable,don't you think?) and then I went to vintage market and bought a few more.

When they are alone,they are so cute but believe me if they are together,You don't want to stare at them(ha ha,really!)that's why I have to seperate them.

Tomorrow,My free time will be less but I guess I will be fine.

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aenoi said...

As from the pictures, i think the Kewpie gang is cute!

Hope things are okay tomorrow, you'll be fine for sure.
Let's looking forward to the day after that... Happy Weekend!!!