Thursday, September 30, 2010

Under the ribbon

I am way too lucky person!

First I can open a shop in my dream and second,that shop bought me tons of great friends who love small little things as much as I am.

I just recieve a nice box under the ribbon^^ and when I open it I keep shouting (Mr.Bear think that I am hurting myself(again) so he rush in to the room and ask me if I am not OK,Don't be silly Mr.B,I just having a great time with my mail.)

I keep recieved bunny in many form from my friends around the universe and Aenoi,beside the wonderful pot?(how you called it?) I am love the bunny (Green)tea so much,I don't want to ripe it but I have to....I love to taste it so I collected every pieces of wraping papers.I wish that I can go to the place you bought this tea!

G!and this chilli seeds? I find the place to plant them now...Too much excitting for a day,I need to rest(HA HA)


Lilli said...

Oh, it must be absolutely thrilling with the little presents; love the pan too! I'll have a look at your shop! Have a lovely day! Lilli

aenoi said...

sooooo happy that u like it :)
The chilli seeds are from Mexican restaurant somewhere in UK that the boo been to with his friends. Let me know how's the chiili looks like when it grows!!

Hope u enjoy using 'milk pan' as much as I do. Now i'm working on a little itenary for u. Gimme a little time na. :)