Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I ♥ cupcake

A lovely girl make this cupcake for me and I have them for my breakfast^^ know?,you should not eat any sweet after dinner ( at night,before you go to bed too!),so I change my habit(as you know,I always try to loose weight...which I think,I have never success(ha ha)).I start to eat all my favourite sweet,like,chocolate cake,cookies,milk pudding...and more, as my breakfast or after lunch instead of after dinner.I don't know if this help?what do you think?

This girl(who make this cupcake for me),she just has a little (very little) daughter.I think her daughter so lucky when she grow up she will have so much fun helping her mother baking or cooking... play with her mother cloth!(most from Kit-bit-s,I hope(ha ha)),I just love a little girl(and this one too adorable)

Thank you so much,Aof,your cupcake really delicious and CUTE!
I am so lucky!I cannot cook(or bake)but all my dear friends around me,they can!

(Aenoi, Are you too busy to bake these day?^O^,I miss your cookies HA HA)


It make me melt ♥ said...

น่าร้ากกกก เวลาเข้ามาดูบล็อกพี่ฮุ่งทีไร พูดคำอื่นไม่ได้เลยนอกจากคำนี้ "น่ารักๆๆ" ^^

Aenoi said...

Agree with it make me melt... So cute!
I salute the mom who bake it since I know that love and affection only can create such a lovely cupcakes like this!

Don't worry keetee, there will be a delivery service in December of u're in cmx :-)

irobott said...

I love it!!!, look really cuteeeee ><
but more than a cupcake is your couple of tea spoon and fork

I used to thing 'bout learning to bake too. It's all girls dream to open a lovely coffee shop 55.
have you ever?

chaey said...

ชอบดูบล็อกคุณฮุ้งจัง เอาของน่ารักมาอวดกันอีกแล้ว

game said...

คุณฮุ้งสั่งหนังสือให้แล้วนะคะ คิดว่าไม่น่าเกินวันพฤหัสคงได้รับแน่ รอนิดนะคะ