Tuesday, September 21, 2010

back to normal

Miss me girls?I went to Bangkok(again) but this time a little bit longer than I thought. I found lot and lots of nice items for both Kit-bit-s and Pattern Parade so you might want to visit both shop next week^^

I love to sleep in deep darkness.I found that some people can sleep very easily even the light turn on or TV sound so lound (like Mr.Bear,he can sleep in every environment!),I can't! I love to sleep with less light(or no light),silent cradle me in the bed.

This lovely bear eye mask is the best because its lined with black fabric so when I put it on,I will have a real darkness,then I can sleep happily^^

How about you girls? What make you sleep at night?


game said...

เย้..คุณฮุ้งกลับมาแล้ว หายไปนานจริงๆ ค่าคราวนี้

MerryDay said...


บล๊อกน่าอ่านจังค่ะ follow you now :-)