Thursday, July 15, 2010

I cannot remember where I get this can but I can remember that when I was a girl,we use to see this kind of can everywhere in the market.I wonder where they go now?

Miss Game bought me a set of manga called " Nodame cantabile " I watched the series before but never read the manga.When I finish the books,I know that why the series was so popular! the music,the peoples! they are alive!!! She told my sister that actually the story go on with more books!!!!I cannot wait to read more!!!!

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Under the Ribbon 8:-) said...

Every girls love Nodame!!!

Talking about Nodame, last year the publishing released only "1" book in the market. And so far this year, there's still only "1" book released!
Hope more will come in the half end of this year...Satooooooo!

Actually this coming weekend we're going to watch Nodame the movie! It just in cinema today. Hope it's as much fun! ^^