Friday, July 23, 2010

Cat person

At kit-bit-s,three of us consider ourselves "cat person".I love dog too(Who will not?They are so adorable.) but if I have to choose I perfer to live with cat^^ I am waitting to have my own cat again one day.
Mr.Bear have two dogs so now I live with this two funny dogs! I will take some pictures of them to show you one day.


irobott said...

we are opposite 555.
for me I prefer to dogs but now I have 3 cats at home, they are lovely and so funny :)

I've just thought about
upload their pics to my blog.

may be we think the same thing at same time woooww..


keetee said...

You know what?I still think we are the same.We are so much in love with our pets!!!!and yeah!They are so funny HA HA,I can sit there and watch them all day^^