Monday, July 26, 2010

Can't live without

My nose addicted to the smell of this L'occitane's hand cream and my lip alway asking for Kiehl's lip balm (sometime Bodyshop's VitaminE lip Balm).

Every morning(lately),when I prepare to open my shop I will start my day with Maroon5's(It won't be soon before long)....I am sure I will change the song one day but not tomorrow for sure.

I cannot live without this pocket full of my medication and the backup battery for my dear camera(Ricoh Gx200).

I will not stop and shop anything for Mr.Bear if I don't have this measurement tape.

I always love to see what people carry around in their bag^^


Under the Ribbon 8:-) said...

'it won't be soon before long' is my fav. album too. I love 'nothing last forever' and keep listening to it hundred of times when driving. They're the band that I was glad to pay for their concert ticket when they came to Thailand maybe 2 yrs. ago na.

I have Kiehl's lip balm exactly like the one you have. Erb hand cream. Cath Kidston key fob and coin purse.
It's getting cold here. Hope CMX has a nice weather as well ja.

keetee said...

AENOI!!!!!!We born to be best friend!!!HA HA

When I wrote the post I am thinking about "that" concert too,Unfortunately ,I didn't be there but I am sure if they have concert again I love to be there!(Maybe with you too..If in Singapore?You need to tell me,ok?)

umm....I love to try on Erb's product one day too,I heard it's nice^^

It's hot here...I am dying for cool fresh air(not from air-con please)//

game said...

คุณฮุ้ง..เพิ่งกลับมาจากต่างจังหวัดค่า เมื่อวันศุกร์แวะเข้าไปแต่คุณมิวกับคุณฮุ้งยังไม่เปิดร้านเลย คงต้องรออีกนิดนะคะนิดเดียวค่ะ

Under the Ribbon 8:-) said...

It's kinda...strange? miracle? wonder?... please help me pick the word.. ner Keetee, because there're zillion of lip balm available on earth but we choose to use exactly the same thing ah? or it just a very very hit item?

don't worry about their last concert. They're going to release new album in Sep and i believe they'll start going on tour again. If possible...let's go together!!

I'm so sad that I will miss Corrine Bailey Rae and Kary Perry cc. here(i think Kary is rock!) because am going back to Thailand por dee loei!!! herrrr of all days!

Wish you were here. the wind is breeze gently and cool. :)

Under the Ribbon 8:-) said... and Khun Game post almost exactly the same time loei... :)
สมกับเป็นสาวกโนดาเมะจิงๆ (เกี่ยวมั้ยเนี่ย - -")

irobott said...'s fun to look others' bag. that's look so girlish, carrying little things in little bag :)

my bag is so big with 2 diary, lovely digital cam, lomo, computer battery, clohtes and shoe for fitness 55

that's very lovely to think about shopping for your guy everytime :)

love this album too.

game said...

คุณฮุ้งค้า..พรุ่งนี้เกมจะเข้าไปนะคะ ว๊าวคุณAENOI อะไรจะตรงกันขนาดนั้น เอาเป็นว่าเพราะเราเป็นสาวกโนดาเมะเหมือนกันละกันค่ะ

game said...

แง แง คุณฮุ้งวันนี้แวะไปแต่ไม่เจอก็เลยลืมขอ Frankie มาด้วยเลย นึกได้ตอนขับรถกลับแล้วอ่ะ