Monday, February 6, 2012


Found this party straw after cleanning
my trasure drawers.

Have you ever wondering
that you have been thinking too much?,
or too less?

I know that I shouldn't disappointed in
things that I cannot control or if things not
end like I was hope but...I cannot stop myself.

A telephone called from an old friend,
My swollen ankle and rum rasin ice cream
before I prepare for tomorrow!

Remember this my girls,
Nothing to sorry with if you done your best.
( I will remind myself this too.)


emmel-prutsemieke said...

rum arisen ice cream!!!mmmm

mieke willems said...

you always have the cutest things!

keetee said...

+ Emmel,mmmmm,Yum,right! :-D
+ Mieke,No,You are the one who always have the cutest things!!