Saturday, February 25, 2012

Robin and Whale

Have you ever seen this giant industrial clip?
I bought it only because of the Robin printed on!
and This Whale was from Jibberish ,
Yup!not just cute wooden handle stamper.
They also have wooden tape dispenser too.

A big changing will happen to me soon,
I am kind of 50/50,between waitting for it to happen
and don't want the time will come.

Yep!The clock will not stop ticking.

Maybe because I got cold and fever,
Lately,I feel sad and dull easily.
Even the lemon pie cannot make me feel better!

What you girls do when you have this giant lump of sadness
inside you and you cry just because you cannot find your favourite pen!.
It's super silly ,I know,I event cannot bear myself -_-;

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