Saturday, January 21, 2012


On 29th January,Me and Aenoi will have a workshop!
so I will go to Bangkok for Chinese's New Year
( Yep!,For who still don't know,I am half Chinese)
and for the workshop.

It will take almost 2 weeks from now and I will not see you girls during
the time....It's another long trip and
I surely miss my home( and you,girls)

I am not so sure that it good to get out of my comfort zone.
I have forced myself somehow before and it never turned out well
but lately,I don't know because of Mr.Bear encouragement
or I just met new good friend.I think this is that moment!

I might choking myself with this or I might found
new space where I can fit in.

Let's see,shall we?

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Katyha said...

good luck with all your plans and your travels...have a lovely time ;)