Monday, January 9, 2012

all you need is love

I feel like lately I say this sentence a lot!
Lennon was a wise man and I do believe is
" All you need is love "

Time for saving money for our family trip has come(again)
Both of us make a vow to each other to use less money,
spending our money more careful.
(G!I just bought a set of tea cup today!!!,It's count?...
I think I bought it before we made the vow!)

I do hope that a lot of water and vitamin C
can keep me away from catching cold
but the cold has catch me ( they are so fast!!),
This one is my fourth time for this winter!!!

Maybe water and vitamin C are not enough,
well,... sleep a lot can be another helper so
let's sleep a little bit earlier my girls :-)
Sweet dream will make tomorrow is a better day.

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