Saturday, June 23, 2012

* * *

Today is my book's day!

I checked mail only this morning,
(Okay,again just about 10 mins ago...Have to!)
then Mr.Bear treat me with my favourite lemon pie
and now,stop reading a bit to write this post,
then I'll back to the most comfortable couch in the world,
read until sunset!

Took photos of this matchbox sticker before gave them
as thank you gift for "littleandbig"'s customer.

Let's have a lovely weekend :))


lina said...

cute keetee :)

i sent you a little package in the mail about week or so ago. have you seen it yet? let me know :)

keetee said...

@lina WOW WOW Thank you,I will let yo know when I get it:)),Have a great weekend!!!