Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yesterday,I finished all my work sooner than I expected,
when I went to the post office.It was rain and I carry 3 big bags full of boxes
so I thought I will drop them at the door and ask the security guard watched them
for me when I parked my truck and the parking lot.

Surprise me,when he allowed me to park at the front for a while.
( I forgot to tell you that I use the post office inside the airport
so the area near the front door is not allowed to parked,just for drop off)
It's start raining harder and I feel really really grateful!!!
Unfortunately,I don't have a chance to say Thanks to him again
when I am back to my car.

I got a lot of stressed lately but yesterday good things happened
and everything seem to be okay again.

If I feel down next time,I will sure try to remember today :)

Good night girls,tomorrow will be another better day.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
Finally I got my Mina Perhonen X mt tapes! ( I use it for littleandbig package now)
and this adorable heart breaking bunny doily handmade from a lovely girl
who I met only online.(can't believe she done this for me!I love it too much)

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