Thursday, June 9, 2011

rabbit please

Even Peko-chan wanna be a rabbit?
Lucky again when I were back to the same shop
at the flea market this Monday.

I have read about " Mean world syndrome"

I am not a TV person,I know news,only big one
or the one that people keep talk about it and
I am read newspaper very little.

This syndrome said that news from television,radio,newspaper
internet,social network or wherever,keep telling things very mean.
It will make you afraid of the world and you will
want to stay away from people,from talking to stranger,
from living in the big city,walking alone...etc.

Sometime I think I have this syndrome,
You know what? I think I know the cure,
read romantic/or watch romantic love story
and you will look more optimistic in eveything!!!
( Ha HA,but I mean it!)

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