Monday, June 27, 2011

drawing set

I bought this drawing set without
knowing that I will have to use it one day.

When you can draw (almost)everthing by computer
I still sticked to the old tool,my hand.
It's delightful to draw with a nice lovely super cute tools,right?

My new job has drain all eneygy out of my body and my thought.
I want to sleep all the time.
( my insomnia is completely not the problem anymore!)
I still want to be close with my shop
also want to hang out with the lovely group of people,
want to laugh a lot,also read a lot so.....
I guess I have to be better on arrange my time.

I do believe that I can do this!

Good night my dear friends,
Let's have a good night sleep and
dream about lovely things -_- sleep tight!

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