Monday, August 16, 2010


I feel so busy (physical and in my head)!!!!

I try to searching for new inspiration from new places,I feel that I didn't read a book for a while.
My days around/with my computer all the time and I miss my life offline.
My really lovely friend ( under the ribbon) just send me a book.I saw this book everytime I went to the book store and I never ever pick it up ( I just don't think I like the cover) but as people say "you cannot judge the book from its cover" .It's true!!! becasue once I start to read this book,I addicted to it!,I want to know more ,What will going to happen and I feel great that I don't have to read anything from computer screen for a little while.

This happen once,Khun Game(another too lovely lady) bought me a book about Tea,I love tea,I have to drink a cup of coffee after lunch but I cannot live without (many) cups of tea after dinner and before I go to bed! this book is ...amazing! now,I know a lot about what I love to drink.

I will never understand if anyone don't like polka dot and gingham so if you don't like any of both please tell me why?,(well,I guess no one will answer this question,Isn't it?)

PS.I just add this set of gingham cloth on my Etsy's shop ,hope you enjoy!

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