Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cups lover

My friend (who also my dentist!,ha ha)just went to Pai.

She bought me this super lovely souvenir ever!,It's from a coffee shop called "All about coffee".She told me that all cups in this mini book are the owner's cups.They draw the picture of all cups they have ...very lovely,especially for who love tea/coffee cups as much as I am.

I alway think that one problem,one big problem in my country is people don't create unique souvenir....everywhere in Thailand you can buy the same piece of souvenir,wood elephant,hill tribe necklace,same design silverware...same old same old everywhere you go,so,when I got this little book from my friend.I have hope,the hope that some people have a heart to create things ...thing that they put the thing that they like about where they are and share it by create a very unique pieces souvenir so when tourist(sometime,It's Me) bought it ,they can take it home and enjoy it eveytime they look at it and remember the places that they have go.

So,what is so special in your town,your city?What you love most about your home?


Under the Ribbon 8:-) said...

I think so, that's why I'm sooo in love with Communista and the flower rubber stamps!

irobott said...

I love this too.
You are absolutely right, many times I use to think about all boring souvenir in Thailand, we can buy the same things everywhere !!

love the cups :)
I'm learning in ceramic design, so I know well how difficult they come even the basic coffee mug :)

keetee said...

I always want to learn to do ceramic!You are so lucky!

maybe,you can send me what you ave made?I could buy it from you!I am sure it will be unique!I love twist cups,ha ha^^

And Aenoi,I caanot get enoght stamp!I have a box full of it now and I use all of them,all the time,in everything!ha ha,it's so much fun to see what you guys worte in my blog!