Thursday, March 8, 2012


I found this little guy before I stepped in my car on Sunday.
I have heard that you shouldn't pick up things from the road?
It will bring you bad luck?,well....
I just couldn't left he there,abandon.

Cannot remember where I read or watched,
The leading male actor collected cards from street.
Even in the story,it so strange that you can find
cards left on the street.

Sad and unexpected story from Aenoi.
It's remind me of myself,so hard to find a good friend,
so hard to find people who you can totally trust.
Have you ever wonder WHY?


Katyha said...

I think it was in the tv show 'sex in the city' Carrie's boyfriend used to find cards on the road and pick them up. I couldn't have left that cute little guy either, he is so adorable!

I also think good friends are very hard to find and if you are lucky to have just one you are very fortunate ;)

Little and Big said...

Agree with Katyha.
We don't need much of best friends. We just need one. The one who understand us completely and thoroughly. Problem is I should have draw the line and won't let people whom I don't know well walk pass, that' it. Miss you Keetee! : )