Tuesday, July 5, 2011


New place found by Aenoi.
It's called " Koa-Soi",
tradition northern thai's food.

We(Me and Mr.Bear)have it for lunch,today.
Not just Koa-Soi,we also have Tom-Yum noodle
(Deeeelicious!!!) and banana in coconut milk
as sweet...great lunch time:-)

Don't you like their table clothe?
It super cute,for me,when you have a meal
with something cute around.
It will made your meal taste better.

Sleep super late again.
hope you girls have a charming dream tonight.


Little and Big said...

Yep, I know. Because polka-dot glass always makes plain water more tasty!!

I miss this Kao Soi soooo much!!

game said...


keetee said...

เพราะปกติฮุ้งไม่ชอบข้าวซอยเพราะมันเข้มข้นนี่แหละคะ แต่เจ้านี้กำลังดี วันนี้พาน้องกุงไปกินมา ก๋วยเตี๋ยวต้มยำก็อร่อย!!!น้องกุงก็ชอบมากๆมา มาคุณเกมส์เดี๋ยวบอกทาง!!!