Thursday, December 2, 2010


Tea is my favourite drinking.
We have to buy a bottle of water every few hours
because it's very hot and we have to walk a lot.

Teh-O is a warm milk tea in Singapore and Mr.Bear
buy it for me everytime he has a chance.(I do love it,Thanks!)
(If you eat it with Kaya butter toast,it will be real perfect combination.)

I woke up very early this morning.Mr.bear has a trip to work out of town.
Yesterday,I went to CMU book fair(ChiangMai University Book Fair).
We (me and miss mew) bought ton of book!,we will have books to read
all year(next year).What kind of book you like to read?
I wonder.
///if you look closely,The hokkaido milk pudding is smile to you^^


aenoi said...

Looks like u enjoy eating(and drinking) a lot!
My fav drinks is 'Kopi-C' which I have every morning with prata(roti) or bread.

What a lovely milk pudding u had!

keetee said...

Ha ha!I know.

Kopi-C is coffee without milk,right?
I am sure I will try the way to eat them all with you,one day.